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Texray Products are currently available in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. When discovering your HeadPeace size, measure our heads circumference and choose your size according to the chart below. 

You may also view our size guide video.

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Declaration of Conformity

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Declaration of Conformity HeadPeace 

Limited Warranty

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Limited Warranty

Instruction for Use

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Instruction for Use HeadPeace 

HeadPeace is manufactured out of Texray that is a patented technology platform and constitutes a woven and breathable textile with attenuating capacity and protects the user from harmful radiation. The textile allows vapor transport due to the properties of Texray. The CE mark shows that HeadPeace meets the essential safety and performance requirements for personal protection equipment (PPE). HeadPeace 0.25 mm Pb complies with IEC 61331:2014 and is certified in accordance with EU Regulation 2016/425.


Dr. Florian Wolf


HeadPeace is a comfortable head protector designed to reduce radiation exposure in the upper section of your head. 

Art no: PHP1025S, PHP1025M, PHP1025L

HeadPeace is personal protection equipment (PPE) intended to reduce cranial exposure to ionizing radiation for medical practitioners during clinical interventions. HeadPeace has a patented design, and studies show it reduces radiation exposure of the upper section of the head1,2. The design of HeadPeace is ergonomically verified, comfortable, and facilitates long-term performance without jeopardizing safety.


Several studies have been performed to evaluate the ability of HeadPeace to reduce radiation doses to the operator's head in routine clinical interventions. Go to our scientific clinical data page and our scientific phantom data page to view the recent data.


HeadPeace was recently clinically proven for its functionality and usability in clinical environments. Researchers at the Centre for Health Technology Halland (HCH), Halmstad University, Sweden, investigated how HeadPeace affects anthropometric, biomechanics, and ergonomic parameters during clinical interventions. They concluded that 100% of the respondents experienced great functionality and usability of HeadPeace in clinical environments: Comfortable, Easy to use, Adequate fit and compatible with eyeglasses, No negative effect on head and work postures.

The Details

  • + The attenuationefficiency ranges from 76 to 90% in radiological interventions.

  • + Reduce radiation exposure towards the upper section of your head up to 20 times.

  • + Proven for its comfortability and to have no negative effect on your head and work postures.

  • + Lead equivalence: 0,25 mm Pb, total product weight: 247 gram

  • + To meet hygienic requirements outer material is made from high quality textile, enabling breathability and cleaning.

  • + Pliable and comfortable towards your skin with a soft touch fabric feel.

  • + Adjustable for perfect fit and compatible with eye-lead glasses. HeadPeace comes with Velcro closure.

  • + Lead-free material eliminating highly toxic lead dust exposure with irreversible health effects on vital organs.

  • + Put it in your pocket function: 30 times more durable compared to other materials, preventing prematurely, unsafe tears.